Do you have an outstanding traffic or criminal matter?

If you are facing a traffic violation, have warrants (including misdemeanor criminal charges) or need help with points on your record, the Tim Maxwell Law Office can help. We take pride in providing each client with the responsive service and level of advocacy they need to ensure their rights are protected.

You can trust that Tim Maxwell will exhaust every avenue possible to achieve the best outcome in your case. CALL 314-436-2222 TODAY!

29 Years of Experience
There are 150 Daily traffic stops in the City
1000 – # of traffic tickets Tim has handled

Why hire Tim Maxwell for My Traffic Ticket Case?

There are over 90 municipalities in the St. Louis area that issue citations, charges, tickets, violations, etc. Each has their own set of rules and each Court handle cases very differently. Make sure you have a defense lawyer who has vast experience with this legal system within the legal system.

Tim Maxwell is a reputable, highly-successful lawyer serving St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County and surrounding communities. You can browse legal websites all day to try and figure out how to deal with your situation, but the best way to get help is to contact Tim today. Don’t risk your freedom, your finances, or your future.

  • Traffic-ticket defense: We have a strong track record of defending moving violation tickets resulting in the following possible dispositions: 1) complete dismissal of charges; 2) amendment to no-point charge.*
  • Misdemeanor ticket defense: We defend clients accused of open container violations, minor in possession, minor DUI violations, park curfews, theft, public intoxication and other misdemeanor violations.
  • CDL and trucking violations: Hire a confident, skilled defense lawyer to help save your commercial driver’s license and your job.
  • Warrants: If you have had a warrant issued or been arrested for failure to appear in court, we can help.
  • What to expect in court: We will provide you with a clear explanation of what is expected of you, your rights, and what you can expect in court.

* Each case is different and we will attempt to get the best results based on the factual and legal circumstances of your case.

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Tim Maxwell, St. Louis Attorney
I was wrongfully charged with a misdemeanor. Your attorney fought tooth & nail for me resulting in a complete dismissal. K.L.A. delivers top-notch legal service and affordable representation.

Traffic Defense Attorney

Our Team puts “PEOPLE FIRST”. We specialize in helping individuals and small businesses with all of their legal needs. Tim Maxwell Law Office is dedicated to ensuring quality representation and care of clients, so that your legal needs are met and exceeded in an affordable manner. Call us for a free initial consultation.